Apathy – It’s Not Just For Breakfast Anymore

June 25, 2011

Facta non verba – Deeds not words

Sometimes the most important action you can perform is the one that says “I don’t need you”. It’s very empowering and helps release anger, frustration, and powerlessness. It’s not necessary to say it in front of the person, especially when your actions demonstrate to all around you and the person that this person no longer has any hold on you and cannot touch you or affect your life.

It just feels good. It feels even better when you don’t even have to try, or think about it, and it just comes naturally.

Save the anger for something else………like the person who washed the red shirt with the whites. Now there’s justification for anger.


Oh yeah!


There’s more to this, but I’ve never written about the abuse inflicted by my ex-husband. It was nasty.

My oldest graduated from high school today and while he was there with his wife and they did a very foolish, childish, very public display of stupidity I was okay and was able to laugh it off around them for the brief time I was near them. But enough of that silly stuff – my boy graduated! Yay!  *whew*

13 Responses to “Apathy – It’s Not Just For Breakfast Anymore”

  1. Nansie Says:

    Congrads on your boy graduating!! WHEW is right and I know just how you feel. My boy graduated college this last May and it was a long haul with him on this and we all went through alot.
    I like this post…your so strong and focussed here and I like that.
    Good for you girlfriend!! HUGS

    • roseroars Says:


      Is that the son you’ve had to give extra-extra time and support to? I’m glad he made it through and I hope he finds his niche in life.

  2. empty Says:

    I always like to laugh at the “stupid” things people do.

    I’d think being able to tell someone you don’t need them would give you a warm fuzzy feeling.


  3. kate1975 Says:


    I’m so sorry that you were abused by your ex. It is always asses like that who are smug. I don’t know how they manage to be in denial about their awfulness and continue to retain some kind of sense of entitlement to continuing on with their evil souls. I’m so sorry dear.

    Good and healing thoughts to you.


    • roseroars Says:

      Well…I think when you are so far above the masses you can afford to look down at their banal lives and it is your natural right to be judgmental and abuse those around you to reinforce that superiority.

      Thanks, Kate.

  4. Bravo to you and congrats to your son, Lisa!

  5. meredith Says:

    I’m so happy for you to have seen your son graduated, Lisa! What a great testimony to life.

  6. castorgirl Says:

    It’s amazing how differently you can see people after you’ve reached a different level of understanding and feeling about them, isn’t it? I’m sorry you were treated badly, but am glad that you have the inner resources and place in your life where it doesn’t effect you in the same way.

    Congratulations to you and your son 🙂

    Take care,

    • roseroars Says:

      Ahh…yes. It’s just that he’s such a dumb fuck that it has been easier seeing and moving past his bullshit.

      Thank you! We done good!

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