Important (not) Tuesday Goings-On

February 1, 2011

A couple of incredibly important Tuesday happenings here:

1: R. Lee Ermy hangin’ with his real buddies (thanks to my youngest daughter):


2: My road went bye-bye this morning:


No school for the next two days. I’m hoping that the inevitable distractions my children provide will prevent the panic attacks that have been plaguing me. That, and I get to play with R. Lee and the Barbies, too. He is my doll after all (he autographed the box for me and everything!). I will NOT let her play with my 30th anniversary original Star Trek Barbie collection! I’m hoping those will help pay for college someday.

I called my therapist last night concerning these panic attacks which accompany a new person inside. This inside guy is angry, threatening, scaring myself and younger ones, and wreaking havoc in general. I’m not entirely sure if he is the cause of the panic attacks, or if there is a trigger I’m missing here. Just talking to my therapist helped me sleep last night. I’m sure I won’t be able to see her this week because of this snowstorm. She wants me to work on distracting myself until my psychiatrist calls and see if that helps with the panic crap.

Take care of yourselves.


10 Responses to “Important (not) Tuesday Goings-On”

  1. shame Says:

    Sorry you’re having panic attacks. I see where the snow storms are creating havoc. We got -16 this a.m. Tonight they’re saying -26. At least we have sunshine. You’ve got the snow, I’ve got the cold.

    I’ve discovered a few dolls my parts have bought over the months.

    Take care,


    • roseroars Says:

      Oh icky. We had those temps last week. Only one pipe froze though.

      Had another panic attack this morning, took double-dose Xanax, and went out to shovel for half-an-hour. That seems to help. Maybe in the summer I can stick my head in the freezer.

      You bought some dolls? Cool. I hope they help.

      Thanks jo.

  2. Astrid Says:

    I’m sorry you’re having panic attacks and are dealing with an angry part. I really hope you’re able to distract yourself and that will help with the panic.

  3. Nansie Says:

    Lisa I hope your ok? My kids always divert my attention and give me a break from myself…they are in college now too so you got even more fun to look forward to. How much snow did you get? We are looking at almost 2 feet! It is amazing to see this craziness in the weather this year. Do you and the kids like to build snowmen? My kids and I did that last year and we really had a good time. I didn’t think I would but all of us really enjoyed seeing him out there for as long as he lasted. Just ideas…I know this stuff is hard….ugh. Take care and BIG safe hugs!

    • roseroars Says:

      Thanks Nansie. I’m doing okay. I turned my girls into a rock band (Moonlite & S’Mores), played in and shoveled the snow, then drew “Wanted” posters of the girls on the dry-erase board. And they built a snow temple, too. That helped a lot. It’s the worst when it’s quiet.

      I shoveled about a foot yesterday, and there’s 5-6 inches of sleet this morning. It’s too heavy to shovel, so I thought I’d take my hair dryer with a really long extension cord outside and melt it. It might work…

      Thanks for the hugs.

  4. Nansie Says:

    Let me know how the blow dryer thing works? We’re getting pretty much the same thing here. This is what’s being posted on facebook….it fits that’s for sure! Hugs to you and I know just what you mean about the quiet times….UGH…like any of us need more time to think.

    Wind. Snow. Ice. Blizzard conditions. 2,000 miles. 30 states. 100 million people. Worst storm in 50 years. State of emergency. Natural disaster.
    In New Hampshire we call it… Wednesday

    • roseroars Says:

      Are you mocking my hair dryer idea?

      I lived in New Hampshire (Manchester) for a little while and that is so true.

  5. Nansie Says:

    Actually I think the blow dryer idea is great. Our snowblower froze up today so hubby was headed for the blow dryer himself!! hahahah That’s great you lived in NH…did you like Manchester? I am about 1/2 north of Manchester. How much snow did you wind up getting in all?

    • roseroars Says:

      Oh! My house was in Goffstown in 1988. We had 30 acres of woods behind us which were beautiful, too. I liked Manchester a lot. Some things were a little pricier than I knew before, but I enjoyed it.

      We have 400 inches (Or 15. Hard to tell.) of snow, but everyone got off to school okay.

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