Sexual self-injury follow-up appointment

June 30, 2010

This morning I have an appointment with my GYN. It’s both for a trans-vaginal ultrasound for ovarian cysts (endometriosis) and a follow-up for the horrible things I do to my body. The sexual self-injury has been worse lately. I think the more depressed I am the more compulsive I am about it. I wonder if she will want to speak with my therapist, and I know she was going to speak to a male OB/GYN about it (with my permission) because he has experience with sexual assault victims. It has been 20 years since I have seen a male OB/GYN, but he performed my first endo laparoscopic surgery (I was unconscious, so I never actually saw him do anything) and I do trust him a smidgen.

My appointment is in a couple of hours, so………Let the pacing begin!

6 Responses to “Sexual self-injury follow-up appointment”

  1. tai0316 Says:

    I’m so very sorry. My stomach is all tied-up and jumpy for you. I hope you’re able to handle seeing a male ob/gyn, especially if he can help you. Maybe if he needs to examine you they can knock you out again? Will you post after you get back so we know you’re ok?

  2. Lothlorien Says:

    Good luck.

  3. roseroars Says:

    I may write about it later. It wasn’t so bad. They are more concerned about another possible surgery in the next three months. Thanks for the comments!

  4. castorgirl Says:

    I hope you are feeling my retrospective supportive thoughts 🙂

    I’m glad it wasn’t so bad… although I’m not liking that term, cos for survivors that can mean it could have been catastrophic for a “usual” person. Our tolerance for pain and discomfort is way too high. So I’m really hoping it was in the realms of a Sunday picnic, rather than a Sunday horror…

    Let us know how you are getting on, when you’re able.

    Take care,

    • tai0316 Says:

      Totally agreeing with CG about our pain scale, so I second her thoughts and hopes about your appointment being better than ‘not so bad’…*sending hugs*

    • roseroars Says:

      Hmm…not a Sunday picnic, more like a graduation picnic for a relative you’ve never met. Feeling uncomfortable and out-of-place.

      Thank you. I’m trying to cope.

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