early morning poem

May 22, 2010

You go-go-go, can’t stop thinking/doing/moving all day

You shove/stuff it down-down-down where it seethes/writhes/wriggles

Clean-cook-shop-phone-laundry-kids and the day is done

You have avoided dealing with feelings/memories/alters/truth/yourself

You slip into unconsciousness

And it throws images/facts/people/places/symbols

And you toss-turn-moan-flail-awake

And it never went away

Because you cannot not know/remember it

Because you must see it and look at it and feel it

Again and again

Until it exhausts itself


2 Responses to “early morning poem”

  1. castorgirl Says:

    This describes the crazy, busy avoidance so well… and it’s consequences.

    Take care,

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